A Journey Begins

Jammie Dodgers

As I’ve grown up weight is something that has always been a perennial struggle. I can’t actually think of too many times when I would say that I was comfortable or happy with it. A contributing factor to this is chronic hip issues caused by a problem I’ve had since childhood. That can never be levelled as an excuse though as only in more recent times have I been unable to exercise in a regular fashion.

The older I’ve become I have become more aware of the need to take better care of myself both through diet and exercise. Ten years ago, I’d of laughed off any talk about seriously getting in shape but my journey has dictated that this is now something I need to do.

The total timeframe I have to get to where I’d like to be is the end of December 2020 - 21 months from now. I have set two targets, the first to get down to 112.07kg by the end of March 2020 and then 88.90kg by the end of December 2020.

To aid with my weight-loss I plan to do two things. I’m about to have a hip replacement and once recovery has passed I’ll then seek to have the services of a personal trainer to help with both recovery and further weight-loss once the initial ‘easier’ weight is lost.

Secondly I’ve signed up to Slimming World to give myself an extra commitment and accountability to make sure I continue with my progress.

There have been a whole host of support from family and friends who I can’t thank enough. At the end of this journey I’ll be thanking everyone once again.

My biggest vice is definitely coffee shops and snacks. If I can learn to replace those with healthier alternatives and control the amount of food I do eat then I believe I can make good progress.

First weight-in is in three days time, Thursday 28th.

Hopefully it’s a loss.