Changing Milk & Drinking Habits

One of the things I’ve noticed throughout the start of this process is that the little changes you can make during your day have a profound effect on how you feel, how satisfied with your mean you are and whether or not you feel the need to reach for snacks later in the day.

Breakfast can sometimes feel like.a bit of a struggle meal for me, I’m just not a fan of eating early in the morning. Without making myself eat breakfast at an early time I think I would really struggle with hunger towards lunchtime. Instead, as I mentioned - I’ll have breakfast which is usually 2 Shredded Wheat and minimal milk.

After this, I’ve started to have one of our leftover meals from dinner times the week before as my lunch. What this tends to mean is that now I have a much bigger meal in the middle of the day.

Another change that I’m trying to make is to reduce the amount of milk I’m taking in per day. I think I’m borderline on a good amount of milk intake at the moment but if I can do better with my drinks through the day - that can only be a benefit.

Sistema Bottle

I purchased a Sistema water/juice bottle to hopefully help me to drink more juice instead of tea/coffee. The other benefit of having a large drink container with me at work is that I won’t have to worry about drinking enough through the day.