Positive Progress

This evening I attended my first weight-in with my weight-loss group (I chose Slimming World, as mentioned in my previous post). I have to say that it’s a day and event that has been present in my thoughts nagging away for the last few days. I didn’t want to be that person who turns up for their first weight-in and has actually gained weight.

I’m sure there are legitimate circumstances where a person may have gained before their first weight-in but in all honesty that would feel very unprofessional to me.

My first weight-in was successful and I’ve dropped 5lbs (2.2kg)). I’m proud of this loss and its worth noting that this week has been a week of adjustment, changes and new meals for both my partner and I. We’ve both found that we have felt fuller at meal times and in all reality we aren’t doing too much different from when we were non-members.

Cooked Breakfast

This week, we’ve had some great meals including Chicken in Black Bean sauce (we actually had the Pinch of Nom version). A really tasty Chicken dinner and a cooked breakfast including bacon and Quorn sausages which I tried for the first time. They definitely weren’t horrendous and I think we’ll have them in future too.

The area that we’ve improved massively this week has been snack control - both at home, at work and when we’re out and about. We know that our biggest problem is snacking on high calorie item during early evening and sometimes between meals.

I’ll be ecstatic if I can lose the same amount of weight next week.