Introducing Less Syn Days

One thing I’ve been doing this week is having a few days per week where I try to use less sync than I’m permitted. Ideally, no more than a third of the 30 I’m permitted to have. These days are definitely a lot tougher than the others as the restriction of syn-full foods are taken away.

I’ve managed to make it through the first test days but there have been some really tough days in that period. It’s hard to sudden jump down to 10 from 30. It’ll be easier to step down maybe 5 or 10 first than being so drastic - that’s my own impatience at wanting to lose faster though.

We tried a few things new this week in meals which have been great finds, Nasi Goreng is a fantastic Indonesian recipe that is definitely a keeper and we also tried Halo Top ice cream which was a delightful find. After watching “Lose Weight, Save Money” we discovered that they use diet-filler fibre in the ice cream. It still tastes great and we really enjoyed it. By the time we’d had it we really did feel like we’d eaten a treat.