New Meals, More Energy

My partner has been cooking new meals over the past month and I’d be the first to admit I have a skeptical eye when it comes to some ingredients. I do have to admit that there have been plenty of dishes that I wouldn’t of usually eaten that I’ve tried and even some that I’ve enjoyed. In real terms our diet has changed quite a bit to what it is now but we’re both more than happy with it.

One of the really good side effects of eating healthier food has been that through the day now I don’t tend to get as worn out mentally or fatigued. With the change of diet I’ve gained a lot more energy through the day which is such a positive impact on life.

Breakfast Changes

I need to eat a good sized breakfast to get me started for the day otherwise I struggle towards lunch. I’ve tried Shredded Wheat recently but those didn’t quite do it for me. I would find myself needed an extra wheat and having to use some syns. I discovered that Oat Cheerios allow a 40g bowl full for your Healthy Extra B - turns out that 40g of Cheerios is a great bowl size!

Cheerios for Breakfast

The above image was me splitting out my box of Cheerios into 40g pre-portioned bags.

Evening Meals

For dinner, we’ve started testing out recipes from the fantastic Pinch of Nom book cookbook. This evening we tried the Meat and Potato pasty and it was absolutely delicious - better than the real thing!

Meat and Potato Pasty

I’d be interested in hearing if there were any meals you found better once you started your journey.