Losing Focus & Forgetting the Path to Success

It’s been quite while since I’ve posted again here. There are a few reasons why that is - but that biggest one surely has to be that my focus during the past few months has been zilch. I don’t know why I have such fluctuations in my attention levels for healthy eating and exercise. I can’t even pretend to you that this is something new to me - I’ve ‘suffered’ with this since childhood and that’s why my weight has associatively fluctuated with my interest levels.

I’ve never been too hugely adventurous with my food. I tend to find a set of meals and then eat them continuously until I’m bored with it. I think this feeds (pun not actually intended) into the cycle of getting frustrated with what I’m eating and then stalling on my enthusiasm levels.

I pushed myself to head back to slimming world and the midway point in January and when I returned to group I kept my old account /even though I had increased my weight by 11lbs/ which was disappointing - but let’s be clear here, I have no one but myself to blame for that.

Since returning to group I’ve weighted in these amounts each week:

18/01/20 -4.5lb
23/01/20 +1lb
13/02/20 -1lb
27/02/20 -6lb
06/03/20 +5lb
13/03/20 -3lb

I’m still clearly having the issue of every few weeks I seem to have a gain. I can’t identify any reasoning for this pattern that is causing this to occur. I do recall that when previously at Slimming World I had a similar pattern that appeared so that isn’t something new. At least I aren’t too far off getting back to where my previous progress at group was, which isn’t too bad in just over six weeks.

I don’t even know why I’m finding this period of weight-loss so difficult. I’m eating better food than I have ever done. I started cooking more meals and learning how to make things which has meant far less snacks and bad food. A lot of days I don’t have too many sin’d foods either so progress should get quicker.

Perhaps if I’m writing more here and holding myself accountable in that way, that’ll push me to do more. Once I can get myself out and about independently then I can head over to the swimming pool when I want to - i think that will have probably the biggest impact in recent times.

Thanks for reading, I hope your own weight-loss journey is going as you’d hoped.